behind the scenes

 B KREB jewelry
was founded in 2013 by the goldsmith and designer Bettina Kreb.
Out of a passionate involvement with simplicity and fine workmanship there has evolved a style of jewelry based around classic geometric forms, subtle detailing and precious materials. 
Minimal. Solid. Playing with surfaces to give each piece a special touch.
Delicately worked and robust enough for everyday wear, not just for the special occasion.
Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted
in the B KREB studio in Berlin, using only the finest materials and highest standards. 
Enquiries or special commissions like wedding rings or other custom made jewels, are most welcome.
For any question, please get in touch and we'll do our best to assist you.  
Treat yourself or a loved one with some B KREB jewelry ! 




 Special thanks to 
Thomas Liebchen alias @tom_brut
Das Fräulein Fuchs @das.fraeulein.fuchs
Lola Rossi - photography
Eva Fiore Kovacovsky - photography
Marcus Specht  Picibird - programming
Clemens Kahlke - videoproduction