Bettina Kreb founder and designer of B KREB jewerly I shop.bkreb.com


is a luxury brand.
Founded in 2013 by the goldsmith & designer Bettina Kreb.

B KREB jewels are characterized by an urban minimal style.
The designs are mainly inspired by architectural and arid or stony landscapes.
So are the contrasts between linear shapes and organic surfaces remarkable elements. The raw material draws the form and the aging of materials form part of the designs. Traces are kept on purpose, to give an insight into the working process and to underline the constant change of a worn jewel. 
A delicate balance of roughness and elegance have always been part of B‘s world. Her passion for art and fascination for the abstract, makes her explore a space where design and craft can meet and perfectly match each other.
Every collection carries an own story.
Each piece is unique, unisex and non-seasonal.
Being environmentally friendly forms part of B KREB's philosophy.

B KREB jewelry is designed and handcrafted in Berlin.